Mr. Rauf Kazeem Isaac

a mathematician, a successful and thriving entrepreneur, school administrator, trained and practicing classroom teacher with 13 years teaching experience across major levels of education. He is committed to Relationship Life Management, Talent Management, Career Life Building as well as Business Mentoring and he is endowed with astounding spontaneity, in-cursive mind and a charismatic personality. He has conducted various personality development programs in some parts of Nigeria spanning its length and the breadth, for the student community, various stake-holders of the academic community related to the teaching-learning process, corporate sector, communities employed in highly stressed working environments and the class of pseudo-failures who are resigned to their fate. His workshops are quite unique and exclusive, known for their exceptional content backed by his inimitable and captivating style of delivery. His enlivening sessions are intuitive which stimulates the participants to unleash their inherent energies, fulfill their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence. They are highly interactive, participative and action-oriented designed to infuse incredible dynamism and vigour into the participants, helping them to grow personally and professionally. He delivers powerful presentations to small and big gatherings. He motivates people to think and analyze about themselves. He's the Founder of The GemHeart Ministry and the CEO/MD of the RaKI Empire International Limited.
13 Years