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To Help Family and Homes on Parenting and Child Development.

Goal #1

Giving parent/guardians a blueprint and a strategic plan to establish their fundamental roles/duties.


Goal #2

Creating further awareness on new and developing challenges facing today's parent and ways to address these challenges.

Goal #3

Creating an avenue for incisive debates and thoughtful interactions to exchange ideas from individual parenting experience.

Goal #4

Creating a synergy of ideas, focus, and purpose between parents and other children workers.

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Parent Voices

Parent voices helps other parents to prepare for what might come

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We always need experienced volunteers that can donate little of their time to share their experience with us (They are appreciated.)

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There are many ways to make a family great, part of this is by giving out what they need financially, this might come in gifts, money food, ETC
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We help Heal the world family

As our goal: to help many families as much as possible, and we are not getting paid for that, We will be glad to have someone in the same spirit on our team to heal the world family 

We’re quick and nimble.

We plan to reach out to more families, by all means.


What People Say About Our FFRI

We continually experiment.  We use data and feedback from parents to guide our course.

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